Valentine's Day is here at the Jersey Shore, and when you stop to think about it, this is an amazing place to be at this time of the year.

The Jersey Shore has three of the key ingredients to make Valentine's Day a great day for the one you love. We are home to some of the best restaurants, florists and candy shops around.

The Food. It is definitely nice to know that we are surrounded by the most romantic restaurants in the area. Everything from candlelight dinners, to a meal overlooking the water, dining at the Jersey Shore is certainly a romantic experience.

The Candy. Of course, it's also nice to know that we also have some of the most deliciously amazing candy stores and sweet shops at the Jersey Shore as well. Nothing says love like a box of chocolates.

The Flowers. We are also very lucky to have some of the most creative florists in the world here at the Jersey Shore. Your bouquet or arrangement is always somethingpretty amazing.

Feel free to tell us your choice for Valentine's Day dinner, chocolates and flowers in the Comment Section, and Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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