Love is in the air on Valentine's Day and chocolate is certainly one great way to say "I love you". In a recent Jersey Shore poll, chocolate was among the top favorite Valentine's gifts.

Before you dig into one of your favorite gifts this Valentine's Day, that beautiful box of chocolates, here are some things you might not know about it, according to Eat This, Not That.

It's All In The Name. There is a scientific name for the tree chocolate comes from, and do you know what it means? Food of the Gods!

Skip the Kissing. According to some research, eating chocolate gives you a mental high that's even stronger than a kiss.

What's That Sound? apparently, the machine that makes Hersey Kisses makes a sound that sounds like, well, a kiss, and that's how they got their name.

Security Breach. According to research by the BBC, nearly 80% of people would give up personal info that could put their identity in jeopardy if they got chocolate for it.

Paid in Chocolate. The woman who sold the world famous chocolate chip recipe to Nestle, Ruth Wakefield, didn't get a penny for it.She instead took payment in the form of a lifetime supply of chocolate.

The love affair with chocolate has a long history, and nothing says love better than a box of chocolates. Now that's romance!

So, Jersey Shore, enjoy that Valentine's chocolate and don't feel guilty about it. We all love and deserve a chocolate break this Valentine's Day!

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