I was driving on Brick Blvd in Brick yesterday and it dawned on me that this road could be home of the worst driving we see at the Jersey Shore.

There are many things working against the good drivers on this road, and I came up with 3 reasons why some of the worst driving at the Jersey Shore could be on this very road. Here they are...

20mph Left Lane Cloggers. I have never seen a road that has the slowest drivers in the left lane more often than Brick Blvd. These steering wheel squeezing drivers really mess up the flow of traffic. Maybe they're in the left lane because they want to make a left, which brings me to the next reason.

Left Turners. There are rare opportunities to make a legal left turn, but there are way too many drivers cruising the left lane at 10mph until they get there, while the rest of us are just trying to go straight at a normal speed.

Enter At My Risk. There are a lot of parking lots to enter and exit on Brick Blvd. What gets me are the people who are trying to enter the road and lose patience with the traffic so they just jump out there assuming you'll slam on your breaks to let them in. Come on guys!That's not ok.

I know most of us are good drivers just trying to get where we're going, but unfortunately we share the road with some drivers who think they're the only ones on the road. And it's not just Brick Blvd., but lately that's the one that's been getting to me, and it's right on the heels of Brick being named worst traffic town at the Jersey Shore according to your votes.




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