No matter when I go, and no matter what part of the road I am on, I am always 100 feet away from a curse when I drive on Brick Blvd.

I need to start by saying this. There are so many important and amazing businesses on Brick Blvd. and they do amazing work for the community, and this is not about them. It is also not about the great people of the town or the surrounding towns trying to get to these businesses. I'm one of them.

But I have to wonder how the traffic lights are set up. The last three times I was on the road I caught every red light from Route 70 to Beaverson Blvd. Every single one. Three times in a row.

That can't be right, can it? I'm not a traffic engineer, but it seems to me that something like that should happen once in a blue moon. Not three times in a row.  Am I right? This can only be making the problem worse.

And it doesn't help that the bad drivers on Brick Blvd. are exponentially worse than any other bad drivers in the state. That's a bold statement, but I actually believe it's true. Most drivers are good, but the bad ones on Brick Blvd. are really bad.

Sometimes I think that Brick Blvd. is the only road in the entire state that people use when they don't want to get where they're going. And sometimes if you do get where you're going, for the most part in one piece, then you should count your blessings.

I'm not sure if Brick Blvd. needs to have it's lights re-adjusted or if I'm just cranky. Or maybe it's a little of both.

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