Who loves cupcakes? Everybody.

For a while now I've been seeing Facebook posts about this delicious cupcake place to come to the Jersey Shore, especially Ocean County. How exciting and tasty, it's happening.

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This cupcake place is from North Jersey and on their Facebook page they have well over twenty thousand followers.


What cupcake giant is opening in Ocean County, NJ?

Mr. Cupcakes from North Jersey. There are several locations, all North. All of their cupcakes are made daily and fresh with well over 30 different flavors. The flavors look amazing. Red Velvet, Peanut Butter & Jelly, French Toast, Vanilla Chip, Strawberries & Cream, Carrot Cake, Oreo Cheesecake, and so many more. They have different size cupcakes, also.

From Mr. Cupcakes, Clifton Facebook page:

Where is Mr. Cupcakes opening in Ocean County, NJ?

Mr. Cupcakes is coming to Brick. It's opening on Brick Boulevard soon.

From Mr. Cupcakes, Clifton Facebook page:

I had to have some of my friends check it out who live north. I sent them to Mr. Cupcakes to try a couple of them out. Surprisingly, they said their cupcakes were so fresh and fabulous. I had them check out the Average Joe cupcake (that's just a chocolate cupcake), the French Toast, and the Strawberry & Cream. That's right I made them buy three. They loved the French toast so much that they weren't too sure about it. That was surprisingly their favorite. The chocolate was delicious they told me and the Strawberry one was so tasty they told me. So no complaints from them. They were telling me how adorable the shop was and that they will be going there again for their cupcakes.

We're getting a Mr. Cupcakes in Brick, finally. I'll let you know when their Grand Opening is.

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