Some viral challenges that teens participate in are risky but stupid. The Tide Pod challenge, for example. The newest challenge gaining popularity is not only illegal, but it's also sick.

Word of "The 48 Hour Challenge" started in Indiana and has begun to spread nationwide. Kids are encouraged to stage disappearances. Scary. According to the NY Post, participants gain "points" in the game as news of their disappearance spreads on social media.

It gets worse. Police are saying the challenge urges teens to go missing for up to two days at a time. Points are racked up for every time they are mentioned on social media while they are missing.

The key is to inform parents and guardians so they can be out in front of this.

Tippencoe County Sheriff Bob Smith of Indiana said:

Runaway and missing person reports are very serious matters and to use these attention seeking type challenges pulls law enforcement away from their many other duties and causes unnecessary anxiety amongst the families and friends that are involved.

Talk to your kids about the seriousness of missing persons. Hopefully, this won't become a trend.

[source: NY Post]

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