No need to go curbside for odd finds at the Jersey Shore. We've found a few on the Jersey Shore Craigslist. Here are our fave 5.

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    Moon Box (Red Bank)

    Listing says:

    Adorable hand painted, wooden Moon Box. Good storage for pencils, jewelry, coins, etc. Measures 11 1/2" x 5". Depth inside is 2 1/2"

    Creepy face staring at you also included. You could have this treasure for just $10!

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    Free Boat (Forked River)

    I know what you're thinking. That, is not a boat. You my friend are wrong. It's part of a boat that needs A LOT of work. The listing shows other pictures of the boat that look much better. If you're good with mechanics, this may be a steal. But why this person chose this picture for the boat is questionable. Beggars can't be choosers though, it is free.

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    Anatomical Skeletal Draft (Toms River)

    From the listing:

    This one is a 7 foot tall anatomical skeletal drawing labeled with every bone in the body. It's a great gift for a nurse / doctor / or anatomy buff

    Anatomy buff?

    easily framed & a funky/cool piece if youve got a big blank wall that needs some personalization I hand drew this over 10 hours & I actually have an album of every step of progression in the drawing on my portfolio website IF YOURE INTERESTED email me & ill send you the link :) id really like $100 but im willing to negotiate [fairly please!]

    $100?!? In fairness, it looks like a lot of work.

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    Gone Camping Bear Figurine (New Egypt)

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    Policeman Nutcracker (Howell)

    I don't often think about nutcrackers. But when I do I think about the holidays.

    This is from the description of the listing.

    This nutcracker is approximately 14" tall, perfect gift for a policeman, or for someone with a policeman in their life. It has cool details, like a whistle, a nightstick, "brass" buttons, etc. My friend's stepson is a cop, but he's cleaning out his house, so he's decided to sell it.