Watching The Giants have their victory parade in New York City today inspired this list. What would make our Garden State better? You're probably thinking to yourself, only 5? Good point, but we're both very busy people, so let's focus on the big 5.

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    Less Reality Shows About "Us"

    The real housewives of New Jersey aren't driving expensive cars, shopping all day and living in mansions. They are driving the kids around, trying to keep up with a modest house and in many cases holding down a job at the same time. That is reality. "Jersey Shore," "Jerseylicious," enough! We live the reality of this state everyday, and trust us America it's nothing like what you see on TV.

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    Less Taxes, Tolls and Tickets

    We have the highest taxes in the nation, the tolls just doubled and enough with the bogus tickets. $180 for failure to present your registration. Are you kidding me? The fine for careless driving is $85. So feel free to drive like an idiot, but if you don't have your insurance card it's really going to cost you. Listen, I realize the state has to make money. We're all cool paying reasonable taxes to keep the state running, but not to the point where it's driving people out of the state.

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    Left Turns

    Why can't we make more left turns instead of driving a mile down the road to make a jug handle to end up right back where we started on the other end of the road? Too much traffic is an easy answer. I found this at

    By eliminating left turning movements  at intersections, there is more "green time" for through movements. It gets more traffic through than a traditional all-movements intersection. It usually adds delay to left-turn movements, but overall the intersection performs with less delay.

    There is also a safety advantage because there are fewer "points of conflict" where the paths different turning movements cross one another. Also, the lack of left lanes means the intersection is 24-30 feet shorter for pedestrians to cross, but then the disadvantage is peds have to cross the ramps.

    Here's another thought (back to #4), you can always be issued a ticket for an illegal left turn.

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    Free and "Local's Only" Beaches

    We get it, tourists visiting our beaches is a huge source of money for the state. But, shouldn't there be SOME benefit to living here? With all the taxes we pay, we can't go to the beach for free...IN THE STATE WE LIVE IN?!? Here's an idea, take the money we are charged for a beach badge and give us entry to "local's only" beaches. Visitors get their own beach, we get ours (the nicer ones) It's a win, win!

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    A Football Team To Call Our Own

    The Giants train in New Jersey and play in New Jersey. End of discussion. I've felt this way before our latest "big game" wins. New York City gets the parade, New Jersey gets a "party." Not to knock hockey or basketball, but Jersey needs a football team representing the "N-J." By the way, baseball is next on my forewarned.

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