Just a few reminders that may help you in case the snow gets bad later, as predicted.

-- Fill up your gas tank. This way if you get stuck behind a traffic accident on the Parkway and want to keep your car running to stay warm, or if you want to pull over because the snow gets too bad and keep your car running for heat, you won't run out of gas.

-- Fill up your windshield wiper fluid. You may have done this a few weeks ago but with all the storms, salt, and ice we've had, you'd be surprised how much wiper fluid you go through. You don't want to run out of that when you are fighting to keep your windshield clear in this weather.

-- Bring a shovel and a step stool if you're too short to reach the top of your car. If you get out of work later to a parking lot of snow, or even if you choose to stay in a hotel, you will have to shovel yourself out at some point. And that includes getting all the snow off the top of your vehicle, so a step stool will make that easier.

-- Pack a bag. Without knowing how bad the snow will get, if you find that you have to camp out at work or pull over and stay in a hotel, it's better to have some spare clothing and toiletries, and, the most important item of all -- your phone charger and cord!

-- Bring your snow boots, of course, plus a spare pair of gloves, socks, scarf and hat. If you're out shoveling for a while, these things could become soaked and you want to have some dry replacements.

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