2018 is right around the corner, that means people all over will attempt to fix something about their lives and label it a “resolution”. Knowing this, I have thought up some Totally Jersey New Year's Resolutions…

USE YOUR BLINKERS:  I am going to scream. I am screaming. Use your blinkers this year. Thanks.

KEEP THE BEACHES CLEAN: Every single one of us RAILS on tourists when Summer comes around about ‘how they don’t keep the beaches clean’... how about we start with ourselves? Let's keep the beaches spotless this year.

ADMIT IT’S PORK ROLL: NO. NO. NO. It’s Pork Roll, not “Taylor Ham”. Thanks.

NO TEXTING AND DRIVING: It’s really unfortunate that it’s going to be 2018 and I still have to say this… can we please stop texting and driving? Whatever the text is… can wait.

ADMIT THAT PIZZA IS BETTER AT THE SHORE: Do I have to go on? Really. If you're going to sit here and say that New York's pizza is better than pizza at the Jersey Shore, move to New York... cause you're wrong.

In all seriousness, what would add to the list? What are you going to change about yourself in 2018? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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