This time last year I decided that I was going to set at least 5 goals for myself for the year and actually stick with them. In a previous blog I spoke about my vision board. I cannot wait to add some things to it with more short-term goals. So, what were the 5 things I stuck with? Keep reading.

  1. The first thing I told myself I wanted to do was start following through with things. We all say we want to do things, or go places and then sometimes life gets in the way. In my case, it is usually my depression that takes over. So annoying! This year I decided to try and get a handle of it and start making plans and following through with them. At times, it was a very difficult task to get me going, but I made myself get out and experience different things and go to different places. I am glad I did!! I still struggle with this, but I am definitely going to continue this into next year. Forward progress only.
  2. The second thing I truly wanted to do was lose weight. I know I am not alone in this wish. So many of us use this time to start something, but come mid-year we allow life to get in the way and usually revert back to our old ways. Well I am proud to say that resolution # 1 helped me on this journey. The art of following through helped me lose 40 lbs this year. I have committed myself to a lifestyle change and have so far been doing pretty well. Yes, I have cheat days, but to tell you the truth, I have been able to keep myself in check and I get back at it quickly. I don’t like the way my body feels after a cheat day, so they don’t happen very often.
  3. The third thing I wanted to do was try things even if I was scared, like for instance, I do the Rugged Maniac Mud Run. Last year it took me 2 ½ hours to complete and I didn’t do all of the obstacles. This year I not only did every single obstacle, including the dreaded ninja wall, but I also finished in 1 ½ hours. Then I signed up for a second mud run. Following through helped with that too!!
  4. The fourth thing I wanted to do was get to a Yankees game or two. Well I went to 3, including a Yankees vs Red Sox game in the Bronx which is something I have always wanted to do. I also got my son a game ball at the Phillies vs Yankees game in Philly that we went to. That was a dream come true for both of us!!!
  5. The fifth thing I did was start a couple of businesses. I make homemade natural soaps, facials, shampoo bars and body bars. They are all made with essential oils and they have been selling pretty well. I also opened an Etsy Shop. I have used the follow through to help me set these businesses up and continue pushing forward with them. Fingers crossed they will grow.

I hope my blog has inspired you in some way. I hope that whatever you set out to do in this new year comes your way and you conquer and slay! Thank you all for reading and listening to me when I am on the air!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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