It’s that time of year we all say we are going to do better at saving money in the new year so we can take that vacation we have always wanted to go on. That shopping spree we have never been able to go on. That sporting event we want to get good seats for. That beach house we want to rent for the summer! I know I am not alone in this! It’s time we actually do that without hurting our pockets because let’s face it, trying to save in this economy is not always easy when you are living paycheck to paycheck.

I remember doing this year’s ago and actually had quite a bit saved and was able to take my family on a vacation to Disney. How did I do it?  I did it in 3 different ways. The 1st thing I did was get a shoebox. Every time I broke a $20 bill and received a $5 bill back, I would put that in the box. There were times that I had only singles, so I put them in there too. The trick is to use the $5’s because they obviously add up quicker.

The 2nd thing I did to save some cash was turn my singles into $2 bills. I would take those singles out of the shoebox and take them to the bank and have them change them into $2 bills so I wouldn’t spend them. Cause like really who wants to spend them? They are not something you see every day. Then I would stash them in the box with the $5’s.

The 3rd thing I did was get two 5-gallon water jugs. The first one for silver only, the second for the pennies. Instead of tossing the change in my car where it would vanish, I would separate the copper from the silver and leave it in there. If I saw change on the ground, I picked it up and put it in there! That was what I considered FREE MONEY! Couch change went in there, laundry change went in there, and car change went in there!!!

Make it a point not to touch it! That's the really hard part, especially when life happens. I have faith in us! We can do this! GOOD LUCK and happy saving!!!

Or you can just save money by planning your bathroom trips around shower time. You will save money on toilet paper which these days costs a arm and a leg to keep your hynie clean!

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