Hey Jersey Shore, welcome to diet season. Beach season is only 4 and a half months away!

We've all made the resolutions, and we all have the best intentions, so why do we seem to struggle so much? There are so many things that get in our way, it seems unfair right from the beginning.

So we thought we'd spend some time talking about some of the traps we fall into when trying to diet, and believe me, any one of us can fall into several of these categories.

Diet until noon. I'm in this category. Healthy breakfast, followed by cravings until 11:30, followed by a pizza burger for lunch.

Calendar watcher. I can't start the diet yet, I have that party Friday. How many times have you said it to yourself? You're definitely not alone.

Want what you can't have. I don't usually crave a buffalo chicken with ranch dressing pizza...until of course you tell me I can't have one.

These are just a few of the hundreds of things we put ourselves through when we're trying to drop a few pounds. There are more and we'll highlight some more of them in the upcoming days. Until then, fight the good fight, and good luck. You can do it!





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