Resolution smesholution…that’s what I say! Don’t get me wrong though, every New Year I set some goals for myself. What I don’t do, is make my goals unattainable. You see, life has a funny way of throwing a wrench in things, so I like to make myself work towards the check off mark rather then be disappointed in myself for not achieving. Writing them down or creating a vision board helps with actually following through…especially if you keep them in a highly visible area. I myself have created a vision board rather than actually writing a list, that I keep on my dresser. Every morning when I wake up, I see it. No excuses. So here are 3 fun ways to make your New Years Resolutions something you can actually stick with.

  1. THE LIST – Make a list and give yourself a gold star or put a nice line through that goal as you achieve it. Try and stick with short term goals so as not to feel overwhelmed. If you want to throw in 1 long term goal, write down the small goals under it to help you get to the finish line of the long-term goal.
  2. THE VISION BOARD – This one is super fun to do. Grab a bunch of magazines, a poster board, scissors and a glue stick. Cut out pictures and words of the things having to do with you goals and paste them all about. There is no rhyme or reason to how much or how little you do, or the order they should be in. Put long term and short-term goals on there. Have fun with it!! As you achieve your goals you can write a list, cross them out, put a sticker over it or basically do anything you want to show yourself you did it!! The skies the limit! Make sure to keep the vision board in a highly visible location.
  3. THE JAR-O-GOALS – Write 12 short-term goals on strips of paper and put into a mason jar. Each month shake up the jar and grab a goal. Give yourself a month to accomplish the goal. Once accomplished, tape or glue to goal to the outside of the jar. Next NYE, with hopes that all your goals are taped on the outside of the jar, put a flameless candle on the inside and voila, you now have a little lamp you can be proud of…or you can just reuse it on next years goals.

Remember these should be placed in a highly visible area. Anything is possible if you put the work in!! Good luck and I hope you all make things happen for yourselves!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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