Today is a difficult day for everyone, but instead of being sad, I'd rather focus on things that will remind us all of how amazing life can be.

These 5 videos will absolutely make you smile.

  • 1

    Young baseball fan gives ball to crying kid

    After a young boy misses a foul ball in the stands, another young, albeit slightly older, fan (of the opposing team, mind you!) brings over a store-bought ball for him to make him feel better. Faith in humanity restored!


  • 2

    YouTube pranksters give back to homeless to make them smile

    Two guys who usually make prank videos instead decided to film themselves giving food, money, and clothes to homeless folks on the street...just to see them smile. It's amazing how something so small can mean so much.

  • 3

    29-year-old deaf woman hears for the first time

    29-year-old Sloan Churman, born deaf, received a cochlear implant, and hears for the first time in her life when it is turned on. Her response is incredible.

  • 4

    A compilation of military surprise homecomings

    I could watch these all day. Seeing parents reunited with children, husbands reunited with wives, families coming back's just beautiful.

  • 5

    Man waking up from surgery sees his wife 'for the first time'

    After going through surgery, Jason Mortensen was caught on camera coming out of anesthesia, where he doesn't recognize his wife of six years. The look of excitement on his face when she tells him she's his wife is is his response. (Pardon the NSFW language.) Adorable!