Have you or a grossed out friend seen the video of a packaged fish filet from Costco, complete with a worm crawling in it?

It's supposed to serve as a 'warning' about the freshness of the store's food...but...it's leaving out some important info.

If you haven't seen the video, which has been shared more than 120,000 times, check it out:

Looks gross right? I thought so too...so I asked a few respected chefs in the area about it, and they all said the same thing.

It's cod. Cod has worms. Conveniently enough, they're called cod worms. It's very common. You just pick out the worms, gross as it seems, rinse the fish, and it's good to go. Not all cod will have it, but it's not some issue from that store or company having a dirty supply...sometimes even after fresh food is cleaned, stubborn critters find a way to hang around. Ever find bugs in a head of broccoli? A spider in a bunch of bananas?

It happens. Parasites don't just disappear when we want to eat whatever is hosting them.

Luckily, worms aren't as common in other types of fish...but still, if you buy cod, you might see a worm. If it skeeves you out, ask your fishmonger to clean your filets instead of buying the already packaged ones, and make sure you cook it well. But even still, you might find one. Or...just buy something else.

And if you have a weak stomach...don't ever ask people in the food industry to divulge any secrets.

Does this video make you not want to eat fish? Tell us in the comment section below!

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