Of all the quotes in all the movie in all the world, one publication has determined the top 100, and New Jersey actors delivered a half dozen of them.

According to The Stacker, 6 of the greatest movie lines of all time came out of the mouths of 6 New Jersey actors. Well, actually 5 since one Garden State actor made the list twice. So, do you think you can name them?

Here's what I think we'll do. We're going to name half of them and see if you can name the other half. Sound good? Here are the 3 lower ranked lines and you'll have to guess the 3 highest New Jersey actor ranked lines...

#94 "I feel the need for speed" Tom Cruise, Top Gun

#91 "Who's on first?" Bud Abbott, The Naughty Nineties

#68 "Here's Johnny!"  Jack Nicholson, The Shining

The other 3 New Jersey actor quotes rank #57, #39 and #32. Do you think you can name them? You already know that one actor made the list twice, so maybe tht clue can help you.

Don't Google them! Just take your best guesses and let us know what you think the answers might be, and we'll reveal them tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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