Schools across New Jersey have hopped on the "lip dub" bandwagon. In case you haven't seen one yet, a lip dub is a music video that combines lip syncing, audio dubbing... oh, and just about everybody in your high school — jocks, cheerleaders, drama freaks, yearbook geeks, and even the lunch lady.

It's "Glee" meets Disney's "High School Musical" — Jersey edition!

These aren't easy to do. They require skill with a camera and choreography and planning. These videos often are done in long takes with no cuts!

Here are some of the greatest lip dub videos we could find by Garden State's talented teens.

Which is your favorite?

  • 1

    Mount Olive High School

    Filmed on May 19, all 1,400 students at Mount Olive High School took a break from the books. They lined the halls of their school to lip sync to songs like "Good Time" by Owl City and "Classic" by MKTO.

  • 2

    Livingston High School

    Livingston High School took a different approach with their video, which starts off with parents dropping off their unenthusiastic son on his first day of school. But when he enters the building, students begin dancing and singing hits, including a remix of "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons.

  • 3

    Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville

    In true holiday spirit, Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville filmed students wearing Santa hats and reindeer ears while lip syncing to "All I Want for Christmas is You."

  • 4

    Pennsville Memorial High School

    Pennsville Memorial High School commemorated music from 2000 to 2016 in their lip dub, Starting with "Slim Shady" by Eminem and ending with "My House" by Flo Rida.

  • 5

    William Davies Middle School in Mays Landing

    The first middle school on the list, William Davies students donned red and black colors to show off their school spirit.

  • 6

    South Brunswick High School

    South Brunswick High School split their lip dub video into 14 different student groups, from the student council to the cheerleaders.

  • 7

    Holmdel High School

    Best pep rally ever?

  • 8

    North Dover Elementary School in Toms River

    This elementary school's lip dub from 2015, based off Rachel Platten's hit song "Fight Song," caught the attention of the singer herself. The video took six days to complete, but was worth it when Platten tipped her hat off to the students on her Twitter account.

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