Hearing how people get engaged is always heartwarming, but rarely is the entire thing caught on camera.

This video sets the bar pretty high, and is sure to make you melt.

The video starts with a photo of Brad and Emily, and his plan to propose to her with the help of friends, family, and a little music.

The shot then moves to Brad and Emily in a car...and the amazing lip dub video of One Direction's 'One Thing' begins.

Seemingly random passersby are soon involved, and you realize by her reaction that Emily knows them all.

Eventually Emily is led down the beach (the shore of Lake Michigan) where she is seen reading love notes, and finally watching a video of her friends and loved ones sending their good wishes.

Then Brad appears behind her, and on bended knee pops the question. (At sunset, mind you.)

Who wouldn't say yes after all that?

They are shown celebrating after, the video ending with fireworks.

Oh.My.God. It really is a PRODUCTION, but wow, possibly the most romantic proposal of all time.

Well done, Brad. Well done.

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