A couple of weeks ago we posted a photo of a couple spotted mid-proposal on the beach, hoping to find them so they could see the photo of their special moment.

You guys spread the word, and we found them!

Meet Jay DeCristofaro and Glynnis Fastiggi.

Jay and Glynnis
Jay DeCristofaro and Glynnis Fastiggi (Jay DeCristofaro)

Their story is pretty great. He's from Belmar, she's from Brielle, and as kids, they never knew each other, even though they both spent a lot of time at Spring Lake's North End Pavilion.

They wound up going to the same high school, Saint Rose in Belmar, and eventually went to their Senior Prom together in 2006, despite having never gone out before.

Jay and Glynnis at Prom
Jay and Glynnis at Prom. (Jay DeCristofaro)

They started dating soon after their high school graduation, and have been together ever since.

Jay told me via e-mail that he'd been planning the proposal for months, knowing he wanted to do it before Memorial Day.

A victim of Hurricane Sandy, Jay has spent the last 6 months repairing his home from the 6 feet of water that ravaged it. He had planned a 'Thank You' Party for his family and friends who helped after the storm, and knew he wanted to propose before the party happened.

He had hoped to propose on May 23rd, but the threat of rain pushed him to pop the question on May 21st, when the lucky photo was snapped.

She said yes. They are planning a Summer 2014 wedding.

Jay and Glynnis
Right after the proposal! (Jay DeCristofaro)

Adorable. (And by the way, Jay, you have the greatest hair in life. I'm obsessed.)

Congratulations Jay and Glynnis, all the best to you in the years to come!

Leave your comments for the happy couple below!

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