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Anybody who visited our live shows at Jenkinson's this summer knows the feeling of wishing the summer could last forever. Well Jenkinson's is there to help with the endless summer that continues with fireworks this weekend!

Jenkinson's has added a fireworks show to the schedule tomorrow night (Saturday) at Jenkinson's boardwalk at dark. The past few weeks, the displays had to be cancelled due to weather, so the addition this is certainly a welcome one.

And here's some more great news. There will also be a fireworks show on Saturday, September 21st as well, to help celebrate the Point Pleasant Beach Chamber of Commerce Seafood Festival.

For me, Jenkinson's is a place that makes great summer memories, and having the opportunity to do a weekly show live from Jenkinson's Boardwalk this summer was awesome. So let's squeeze every minute we can out of Summer 2013! Get a schedule of events by visiting Jenkinson's website.