Could there ever be TOO many 7-Elevens? Well maybe....if you asked Wawa.

But if you ask me, I am going to say, "Um, no...never." There is a little bit of everything!

So that leads me to my next point: a new 7-Eleven is being proposed at the Jersey Shore. If approved, the 7-Eleven will include six fuel pumps under a lighted canopy and the store itself.

The proposal also includes 14 parking spaces but 25 are required as well as places three signs on the building when buildings should only have one.

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Sounds like the builder is trying to push boundaries. I personally doubt they will be successful.

You know where that old Sunoco station on Route 36 and South Laurel Avenue in Hazlet used to be? Well that is the site being proposed for the new 7-Eleven and gas stations.

According to, "the vacation service station is boarded up and its gas pumps have been removed."

The proposal for a new 7-Eleven is going to be done on October 1st.

Once we get word if this project is officially happening or not, we will let you know.

Are you hoping this project approved? Because really....why wouldn't you want it to?

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