Many people these days consider their iPhones as an extension of themselves. So then what do you say you stop making some detrimental mistakes with your phone so it can last longer and perform at top quality?

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1. Charging Mistakes

When charging your iPhone overnight, you should remove your case because the material usually traps heat. In addition, be sure that your charging wire is not exposed because otherwise, it could be a fire hazard and result in quite a chaotic morning to wake up to.

2. Extreme Weather

The iPhone is designed to withstand pretty extreme weather conditions, but there are still exceptions. For example, direct sunlight or temperatures dipping below -5 degrees Fahrenheit are more than what the software is prepared to handle. Give your phone time before using after being exposed to extreme weather.

3. Not Cleaning Your Phone Regularly

Your iPhone is germ central and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, be sure to use microfiber cleansing cloths as opposed to regular cleaning products which will damage your hardware.

4. Using Off-Brand Chargers

They may be cheaper but can be potentially dangerous. A study actually confirmed that 99% of these faulty chargers failed basic safety tests.

5. Constant Connections

Bluetooth is probably one of the most innovative and helpful inventions out there. However, if your phone is consistently connected to a Bluetooth device while not being used, your battery will be drained!

6. Missing Out on iMessage Features

You can now decorate, handwrite, and even challenge your friends to one vs. one games. If you don't use these features to the full potential, you may as well go back to that good old flip phone.

7. Constant Notifications

Not only is it annoying to be sitting next to the person with constant noises coming from their phone, but it can drain your battery. Go into settings and manually set which applications can send notifications so you are only alerted for something important.

8. Not Using Your Pocket/Purse

It may be such a hassle to go digging for your phone every time you want to check it but you know what will be an even bigger hassle? When that phone slips out of your hand and cracks on the pavement.

9. Avoiding Updates

Yes, it can be very obnoxious process to go through the new iOS updates and adapt to the changes. However, the biggest advantages of these updates are usually associated with your phone performing better and have more secure updates.

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