This kid has been interested in helping others since he was a mere 4-years old.

This story is a shining example of a mom teaching her boys at an early age about giving back to those in need. As soon as she noticed her little boy, Aaron, had feeling about other people in need (and animals) she showed him tangible ways that he could make a difference. Aaron and his brother are both involved in this project, and Here are Aaron's words:

"I remember being worried about homeless people and stray dogs. We started visiting the SPCA in Eatontown almost weekly. My mom would buy extra stuff at the grocery store and my teachers brought me old towels to bring there as donations. For my 5th birthday I collected money and donations for the SPCA instead of people giving me gifts. We collected almost $1,500!


For my 6th birthday I did a diaper drive. I chose this because I don’t think that parents with babies should have to choose between buying food or diapers. I collected 2,419 diapers and 34 packs of wipes and donated them to the Jersey Shore Dream Center in Neptune. I felt happy that I was able to save the Baby Pantry from having to temporarily close.


For the holidays my brother and I have decided to do another diaper drive. The Jersey Shore Dream Center has said they have more people in need than they did before. My goal is to collect more diapers and wipes than I did last time. I am hoping that a lot of people will feel sympathy for the those in need. Please donate to this holiday diaper drive."

To make it easier for you to help babies in need, Aaron's mom, Sarah, helped him create a wish list on Amazon for you to contribute: CLICK HERE.

Jersey Shore Dream Center's mission is: "Find a need, and fill it." This organization serves the Jersey Shore in Monmouth and Ocean counties with several outreach programs. They will even serve Thanksgiving dinner to-go this year. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or if you know someone in need, find out more by CLICKING HERE. 

We loved having Aaron on our morning show today. If you want to put a face with his name, check this out:


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