This little girl, thanks to the support of her mom, has discovered that she has a gift for photography. Now she has a social media page that is bringing hope to other families dealing with the challenges faced by kids with special needs.

Photo of Sabrina courtesy of her mom Tiffaney

One day Sabrina, who is entering 4th grade, asked her mom (Tiffaney) if she could look at pictures on her phone. So her mom asked her if she would like to take pictures on the phone. She said "YEAH!" and that's is how it began.

Sabrina has stood on the jungle gym to get shots of trees; She has gotten down low to the ground to get pictures of flowers and grass; She has asked to go to the lake to get her pictures. She looks for different geometric shapes. She opens the washing machine and peers into the toaster to get unique perspectives.  Her mom Tiffaney says,

"Once Sabrina had a cup with soda in it. When she took a picture of the soda I told her it would come out looking black inside the cup but she said to me, 'Don't you see the reflection of the light up there?' I do now."

Tiffaney recently asked her her daughter why she likes taking pictures. Sabrina's answer?

"It calms me. It makes me calm."


Photo by Sabrina courtesy of Aumazing Photo Gallery



That is Sabrina's story. And it's a big win for her family. Sabrina gets photo 'therapy', and her family and friends (and now you!) get to enjoy her work.

Tiffaney says that her daughter sees beauty in things that most of us take for granted. She sees things that the average eye doesn't see. Her disability has given her the ability to create beautiful pictures. That's her gift to share with the world.

Sabrina has taken photos around Long Branch, West Long Branch, and Ocean Township... along with everyday things around her house. Her mom says that although she may be biased, she is sure that seeing these photos will give other parents of autistic kids and special-needs kids some hope.

Sabrina is the oldest child in her family. She has 6-year old triplet siblings named Benjamin, Zachary, and Loralei (WOW) so her mom says that when she can take Sabrina out and let her photograph things, that's their special time together.

The Aumazing Photo Gallery page on Facebook is dedicated to all Autistic Artists. Every photograph on the page has been taken by Sabrina.

In her mom's words,

"She sees things through her eyes that others would question and the results are beautiful."

I, for one, agree.

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