April is Autism Awareness Month and 94.3 The Point and Townsquare Media are asking you to "Light It Up Blue" to show your support.

I started working with Autism Speaks in 2010 and have met so many dedicated professionals and volunteers. Without them, the huge strides in research would not be possible.

I also met families who deal with Autism and other spectrum disorders. Through Walk Now for Autism Speaks, I've seen family and friends in sizes of four to forty people get together in support of their son or daughter, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter, cousin or friend. The bond that ties them together is a disorder that is a daily struggle, but is a bond, none the less. It's a very close support system that is awe inspiring.

We all know someone who is effected by Autism. Take this month to educate yourself and others. Continue to practice and teach compassion and patience for Autistic children and families. Most importantly, get involved! To the families that deal with Autism, we support you and will continue your mission statement. "Autism Speaks. It's time to listen."


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