BethAnne Clayton. An amazing singer, songwriter, and musician who performed with so many fellow musicians along the Jersey Shore scene. A loving mom whose son grew up watching her on stage and many times performing with her even when he was a little kid. This beautiful woman has left us way too soon.

(BethAnne Clayton. Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Up and down the Jersey Shore, and with a reach as far as Nashville, BethAnne Clayton rivaled any singer you ever heard on the radio. Her voice will both give you chills and leave you in tears.

Ask anyone up and down the coast of the Jersey Shore and beyond who ever had the privilege of attending a concert she was singing in. You'll hear the same thing:  BethAnne had a voice like no other.

This incredible woman, born and raised in Middletown, had a thriving musical career not only here but in Nashville. Her son was born with her talent and to hear the two of them harmonize would bring tears to your eyes.

BethAnne had a huge following and also spent many, many years, right up until the end of her journey, selflessly volunteering with Tim McLoone's Holiday Express to sing for those less fortunate and in facilities where special needs kids and adults didn't have the ability to go to a concert.

A few years ago BethAnne was diagnosed with cancer. But if you didn't know her, you wouldn't have been aware of her suffering. She went on singing despite numerous hospitalizations and surgeries. She went on singing for the sake of her son and her fans and our community. She went on singing because she truly believed that music heals us all.

(BethAnne and Paul, photo by Liz Jeressi)

And because she would do just about anything to stay on this Earth as long as possible for her son (who is a teenager and whose father died from cancer a few years ago.) In her final months, despite excruciating pain, BethAnne was able to give one last intimate performance with one of her bands as a gift back to some of her closest friends and family...and for her son. I am blessed and honored to call BethAnne the kind of friend that rarely comes along in a lifetime.

BethAnne was truly the strongest woman I have ever known.

Now BethAnne's battle is over. And we have to say goodbye to her. Her beautiful boy is a young musician whose career is set to take off no matter that he is still just a high schooler. Paul T. Reinhold's talent will floor you. Paul, your mom now has a front row seat in Heaven to watch you soar and will always be your biggest fan.

There are so many songs to choose from to share with you, but this was one of her signature songs. Take a listen. You can find the others on YouTube.

BethAnne, I love you forever, I love you for always. Until we meet again. And we will all be right there with you watching out for and cheering on that son of yours who we adore.