BethAnne Clayton has been singing at the Jersey Shore for years. But now as she fights cancer, she wants to share something special with everyone else who is dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional struggles and anguish that come with this disease.

BethAnne was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. Since then she has fought to save her health...and her voice.

As a single mother to a teenage boy (who lost his dad to cancer over a year ago), BethAnne will do whatever it takes to beat this awful disease and stay on this earth to raise her son.

Both mom and son (Paul Reinhold, 16, an amazing bass player) are incredibly talented musicians, and when they play and sing together, BethAnne believes there's power in healing through music. And their voices harmonize like angels from above.

BethAnne has had some big challenges during her cancer journey, and remains on a strong chemo treatment that would leave some bedridden. But Beth's story is about the power of a mom who refuses to take her diagnosis laying down.

(Paul with his mom BethAnne, photo courtesy of BethAnne Clayton)
(Paul with his mom BethAnne, photo courtesy of BethAnne Clayton)

Instead, this incredible woman decided to pour her emotions into an original song. She wrote both the lyrics and music, even making a music video, as a gift to all of those who struggle, be it from cancer, abuse, or bullying. The message in Beth's song resonates with so many who have been victimized in any number of ways.

Sometimes BethAnne makes it look almost too easy. The truth is, she is only human. Sometimes she battles severe side effects of chemo, including wicked infections, extreme exhaustion, the loss of her voice, pain, nausea, other side effects too personal to mention, and then the constant battle to remain upbeat despite fear, doubt, feelings isolation and depression gnawing at her night and day. No matter how much we think we understand and sympathize, many of us couldn't possibly understand just how hard this journey is.

As for receiving help, sure Beth has great friends and family, but the daily battles all too often find her with no one to turn to for some of the big and little emergencies and challenges that arise suddenly. But rather than feel sorry for herself, BethAnne wanted to open up and share her gift of song with all of us.

Her song, her story, and her message, serve as an example of one woman's journey. BethAnne will continue to live her life every day. She will sing, she will work, she will be a mom and love her son, and she will fight for life despite sometimes feeling like the weight of the world is on her shoulders.

(BethAnne surrounded by some of her friends, photo courtesy of BethAnne Clayton)
BethAnne Claytons (and Liz Jeressi) surrounded by some of her friends, photo courtesy of BethAnne Clayton

I can't even imagine working full-time, performing at night, doing everything a mom of a teen is asked to do (we all know that struggle...but to do it alone with cancer is next-level stress), oh and on top of that -- trying to salvage her home from the ravages of flooding. oh, and let's not forget the bills piling up from cancer treatment co-pays that just aren't covered.

And despite all of this, Beth's faith remains a priority and she believes in miracles.

Look for BethAnne Clayton around the Jersey Shore as she continues singing, playing and trying to make the world a little more hopeful.

Thanks you, Beautiful Mama, for your friendship. And for this incredible song, titled "Get Out Stay Out." Check out the video right here (featuring her son Paul) and share it with anyone you know struggling with a cancer diagnosis, or who is the victim of bullying or abuse. It applies to all.

If you'd like to see a little more of her son Paul Reinhold, check out his jazz band Iced Water.


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