This is a picture of a quiet beach....on a picture-perfect summer tourist season Saturday. Hard to believe that there are actually places you can enjoy without the crowds!

Can you identify this special place?

I'm not going to tell you where it is...yet...but if you can guess then you've probably been there!

I stumbled across this gorgeous place on a gorgeous Saturday morning. The sun was shining brightly, yet it was clear, breezy and not too hot. Problem was 10:30 am and I knew I wouldn't find a parking spot anywhere near the beach with all of the tourists in town, and my son and I just wanted to take a walk in the sand and look out at the water for a little while. We didn't want to swim or spend the day...just enjoy a little piece of it outside on the water.

That's when I remembered that there's a very special 'doggie beach' (not that I'm naming names...) that we were able to park near and walk to. Of course, I don't have a dog, but we LOVE dogs so this was the perfect combination of watching all of the precious dogs play in the water and being able to enjoy our toes in the sand.

The beach is not oceanfront, but on a waterway that leads to the ocean, so we also got to watch all of the beautiful boats go out and the big fishing boats come in with their catch.

And the people there were so nice and friendly! And the dogs so beautiful and well behaved. We had a chance to enjoy nature, animals, and a beautiful day on the water at the Jersey Shore! What more could we ask for?!!!!