When we get temperatures in the 50's, we tend to start thinking winter is behind us, but March can be a little funny that way.

We're going to go from talking about temperatures approaching 60 to a morning that features a possible inch of snow in a 72 hour period. Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says the chance for that snow is Friday morning, and coastal areas could see a changeover by Friday afternoon.

I know that we can expect this in March and I know it's just an inch of snow, but isn't it amazing how quickly our Jersey Shore minds transfer all our thoughts to spring and summer. Combine that with our famous lack of patience around here and you've got the feeling we're feeling right now.

The boardwalks are waiting, the beaches are ready, the trees and lawns are getting ready for some green, and the people of the Jersey Shore are yearning for a warm breeze, a sunny day and an open window or two. We're almost there. Almost.