I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic love letter to my beautiful wife Diane, but it turned out to be more of a question than a poem. I thought it would be ok if I shared it with you today.

Here it is. Enjoy...and happy Valentine's Day! 


What Were You Thinking  

It was a Pointsettia night, with the music of The Nerds,

But when I saw your face, I was immediatley at a loss for words.


Your hair was flowing blonde, your eyes of crystal blue,

I thought to myself she might like some dude, but it most likely ain't gonna be you.


Then as you walked in my direction, with the most perfect smile that could ever be,

I just assumed some hot guy was standing behind me.


But it was me you headed toward, even though you could have any guy,

You bypassed them all for me, and I always wonder why.


I'd been watching you that night, I didn't see you drinking,

So it left me with one question, Diane, what were you thinking?


There it is. Guys, feel free to use it. Just remember to insert your girl's name, and unless you met at Pointsettia Bash, you might want to adjust that part, too! Happy Valentine's Day!