It's going to be unusually warm at the Jersey Shore. But will it be enough to be a record setting day?

We want to know if today's warmth will go down in the history books as the warmest February 15th in the history of the Jersey Shore? That's exactly what we asked our meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Dan did some research for us and it turns out February 15th in the Jersey Shore weather history books has been an unusually warm day, so while it will be close, the odds are we won't see record warmth.

Check out some of the numbers Dan found for us. The history books show that on February 15th in 1949 it hit 77 degrees in Long Branch. On the same day in Freehold it hit 73.

And in Ocean County, February 15th, 1990 it hit a high of 68 degrees in Toms River, so the odds are we won't break those records today since Dan thinks we'll get up to about 62 for a high today.

So, it doesn't look like a record day today at the Jersey Shore, but that's not going to stop us from enjoying temperatures in the 60's right in the middle of February!

You can stay up to date with New Jersey weather anytime by checking out Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's awesome and thorough weather blogs.

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