I was watching the Oscars with my wife and when we saw Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, we both smiled. She sort of towered over him, much like my wife does when we're out and she's wearing heels.

Of course, I love it. Especially when we hold hands while we're walking and I have to put my hand above my head to do it. Alright, it's not that drastic...but pretty close. And Diane is not terribly tall. She's 5'5", and with heels aroung 5'9". I'm 5'2", and with my shoes around 5'2". So you are starting to see the hand holding challenge.

It's also pretty funny in the car. When I'm driving I have my seat almost all the way forward, so when I talk to her, I actually have to turn around, like I'm talking to someone in the back seat.   

And when we are food shopping, it's pretty funny too. I crack up when I notice somebody watching me try to reach something on the top shelf and my wife has to say, "Let me get that".

So here's a tribute to all the couples with taller girls than guys. It's not always easy, but it's always good!