There has been a lot of activity involving some of our favorite businesses.

Openings, closings, and everything in between.

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We learned this month that the very popular Belmar Bagels closed for good on February 12 after a big sendoff from loyal customers and friends.

The owners said on Facebook that both of them will be looking for new jobs outside of the restaurant business.

A very popular burger chain is eying up a spot in Freehold in the Elton Plaza.

There are already signs of a drive-thru.

Have you ever had a Smashburger? Yum! They are legit.

Finally, a super sweet eatery has plans for its Brick location in Brick Plaza. Grand opening dates continue to be pushed back, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.


The hugely popular Crumbl Cookies is ready to give us a sugar rush.

Now, when it comes to diners, we don't mess around.

New Jersey is very picky about its diners, and rightfully so.

There are so many that have been around for decades and decades.

With that comes tradition. Maybe your favorite "greasy spoon" is a weekly stop for you.

When I was younger, we always stopped at the diner on Sunday mornings after church.

Diner Breakfast
Diana Van der Sluys

Can you imagine if you caught word that your favorite diner was closing? It would be devastating news.

That news was broken weeks ago when the owner of Acropolis Diner on Main Street in Belmar announced that after 23 years in business, the final omelet had been served.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Star News Group reported, the Belmar government approved the Seaport Redevelopment Plan in 2022.

That allows the entire block that Acropolis Diner and its parking lot sit on to be transitioned into retail space and condos.

Many believed that this Belmar mainstay would be demolished.

Owner Andy Pendondjis told Star News Group:

For the time being I think the new owner would like to keep it as a restaurant.

It looks like Andy will get his wish.

According to sources in Belmar, Acropolis Diner will be reopening in March or April.

Supposedly it will remain a Greek diner, but there will be a new name.

I've heard the name will be Robin's Nest, but that hasn't been confirmed.

If you have any details, please drop me an email.

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