OK, Action Park fans, I have some good news and some bad news. Let's start with good.  There's a first look at the stunt comedy from Johnny Knoxville, that was inspired heavily by New Jersey's storied theme park.  We knew it wrapped filming last summer. The trailer hit Facebook Wednesday morning, as part of a social media roll out. You can check it out, below.

If you were hoping for a true Jersey shout-out, here's the bad news. The movie's been dubbed Action Point.

I'm thinking the name change has to be a legal thing. But  I'm worried the odds now are slim that there's any actual nod to the very real New Jersey place that sparked this whole project. In the movie, it's a scrappy amusement spot, facing competition from rides at the nearby '7 Parks'. (I'll admit, that sly nod to NJ took me a while to catch.)

Only those of us who witnessed such brutal sources of amusement as that concrete Alpine Slide will know the real deal. The 80's style, stunt-heavy comedy is being flung into theaters June first.

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