I LOVE the Summer!  The end-August was always a sad time for me as a kid.  (Almost as much now).  This means the summer is almost over.  Not only would the warm weather soon change to cooler temperatures of the fall, but I had to focus on returning to school.  Say nothing about the upcoming winter months, and the sun setting earlier and earlier in the day.  YUCK!

Now that I have completely pushed YOU into depression.  Let me shine some light.  There are still plenty of warm days left in the summer of 2021.  A season we all have enjoyed more than any other summer before.  Covid19 stole our summer last year, and I for one have made the best of it this year.

Photo by Richard Pasquarella on Unsplash
Photo by Richard Pasquarella on Unsplash

As you plan on spending the next few weeks before Labor Day Weekend, you might want to give yourself or your family a last-minute excursion they will be talking about in the months to come.  A trip to one of the wettest, and most fun water parks in New Jersey.  I can’t count how many waterparks there are un and down the Garden State.  Some that I have visited as a kid still remain.  Thankfully, even more, have opened up.

The very first water park I experienced was in Orlando Florida.  As a kid, my parents took us to Disney.  Our hotel was right next to a place called Wet ‘N Wild.  OMG!  Since then, the waterpark at the Jersey Shore was always been a must.  I can’t remember the name of the park in Seaside Heights, but it was a constant as a kid all through the 1980s each and every time we came to the boardwalk.

As an adult, the waterpark still gives me a thrill.  A simple waterslide, the lazy river, tubing, they are all tons of fun.  Another waterpark memory is that of the infamous Action Park located on the grounds of the Vernon Valley-Great Gorge ski resort in Vernon, NJ.  Maybe you went or recently watched the documentary on HBO MAX.

ouTube/Class Action Park
ouTube/Class Action Park

Let’s just say, I experienced the “Loop” waterslide the same day they closed it down for good.

Action Park has been closed for some time.  The new entertainment complex is now called Mountain Creek Waterpark.  A few of the “much safer” rides from the past are still an option, including the Tarzan Swing.  One of my favorites.  I have not been back since it’s re-opened as Mountain Creek.

I wonder if the water you end up splashing into on the Tarzan Swing is as cold as it was back in 1986.

Here is a list of FUN waterparks you can still enjoy as we wind down the summer of 2021


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