Oh y'all got me worked up now.

The world is officially opening back up and I am thrilled.

The face mask mandate will officially be gone as of this upcoming Friday, businesses can fill up to 100% capacity and live music and sporting events are BACK!

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But now that there are things to do again, an article on APP.com states that New Jersey residents are starting to return their "pandemic rescues" that they adopted during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak.

I am beside myself.

When it comes to rescuing animals, there are two main points that workers involved in this industry make very clear to anyone who is trying to adopt:

1. Adopt, Don't Shop - why pay $1,000 for a dog when you can adopt a dog in a shelter who is in need of a home for a 1/4 of the price.

I get disgusted when friends of mine order from puppy mills for the specific breed. It almost gives me the vibe that these animals are battered and bruised and therefore will be harder to care for.

Maybe....but this stigma is annoying. Take the time to learn their triggers and what they are comfortable with and life will be good!

This beautiful pup is a rescue with triggers....and no, I don't regret the decision one bit.


2. When You Adopt, It Is Forever - adopting is not a "oh just for now," decision.

All animals are much more perceptive then you would think and when you surrender them, they know what is happening.

They are heartbroken when they are surrendered. They know what is happening and these photos below prove it.


I don't care if you are busy.

I don't care if you want to make up for lost time this Summer.

I don't care if you didn't think past the pandemic.

Giving up your animal because you are done needing entertainment is unacceptable.

Would you ever do that to a child? Do you know the emotional scarring and trauma this action causes?

You should be ashamed of yourself if you are the cause of their anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and/or feeling of neglect.

Not to mention, the emotional distress an animal feels after being surrendered can make it harder to rehome them. They develop certain triggers and hesitate to trust. Both are very hard to undo.

Now with that being said...I don't want to minimize the big adjustment that is ahead for you pet owners that did adopt during the pandemic.

You will soon be heading back to work, have other social get togethers penciled into the calendar and have to work in quality time and walks for your pet in-between it all.

It is an adjustment. A big one at that.

So give yourself a break.

You might not be able to walk or feed your pet at the same exact time everyday like you were able to do when we were all home 24/7.

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You might need to purchase a gate so your pet is secure while you are out of the house and if a pillow gets chewed up, you know for next time.

Fun fact: The first night I got Carolina, she broke into her treat cabinet and ate the ENTIRE bag of treats I had gotten for her in one sitting. She got sick, she puked...it was a mess.

But guess what....those treats have been locked up and secured ever since.

You can handle more than you think and something that I have learned is that pets don't care how big your house is, if they are fed at the same time everyday or if you are home for hours and hours on end.

They just want you to love them to the moon and back unconditionally....and maybe give them a tummy rub here and there.

So ask for help if you need it: from family, friends or even a trainer if you think it is necessary.

But DON'T surrender.

Trust me....that is a decision you will regret big time.

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