Would you want a house like this one?

As I was enjoying the gorgeous summer-like weather yesterday, I decided to skip the boardwalk and instead walk along the sand on the Sea Girt beachfront.

I remember seeing this home go up a while back because of all the steel beams in the frame...but I never really stopped to see what it looked like from the ocean.

The whole 'back' of the house (facing the beach) is glass. You can see inside the whole house (unless they pull their shades down, which they didn't yesterday, lol).

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

That is a LOT of glass and a LOT of light! Talk about being one with your surroundings!

I tried to picture myself living there. How awesome would it be to feel like you are literally outside in the sand in front of the ocean, separated only by some small dunes?

Would that be your dream come true? Or too little privacy?

Are you too used to solid walls that you CAN'T see through to feel comfortable with all of that transparency?

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