Like many of you, our hearts are broken after the incident in Central Regional High School.  This needs to lead to a larger conversation.

On one of my daughter's first days of school I wanted to share her photo on social media to let other kids and parents know that if they were nervous, my daughter was a safe person to befriend. I talked to her about never letting anyone sit alone at lunch or if there was a new kid, she was told to rush to be their friend.

Alexis Brown, Unsplash
Alexis Brown, Unsplash

You can use this little template below to help you spread the word, if you're comfortable with your child's photo on social, that your child is an Ally for Everyone, and that they are a safe person for someone who may need a friend.  It's time to have the conversation.

For parents to share:  (Post Your Child's Photo)

I spoke with my child (insert name here) about being an #AllyForEveryone. My child won't stand for bullying.  More than that, (insert name here) made a promise to be a safe person.  If your child needs a place to sit at lunch, needs someone to be in their corner, or simply wants friendship, look for (insert name here) in school and tell them you "need an ally" and you won't be alone anymore. #AllyForEveryone

For kids to share: (Post Your Photo)

I won't stand for bullying. More than that, I promise to be a safe person.  If you are reading this and you are lonely, scared, need someone to sit with at lunch, need to talk, or just want a friend find me in school and say "I need an ally" and I'll be there for you. #AllyForEveryone

You can reach out anytime if you need help with ideas or if you would like to share your thoughts at

Keep this number available, The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988.

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