Remember when Susan Boyle auditioned on the X Factor and everyone thought she was going to be a big joke and she wind up blowing everyone away with her voice?

This man's audition surpasses even that.

Christopher Maloney is a 34-year-old man from Liverpool whose severe stage fright kept him from auditioning for the UK version of the show for years.

He walked on stage shaking like a leaf...but what came out of his mouth when the music started was seriously unbelievable.

For his audition in 2012, Maloney performed Bette Midler's 'The Rose.'

I don't know about you, but I was BAWLING by the end of it.

(Unfortunately, it turns out Maloney might have faked the whole thing, as he was reportedly a professional singer who once had a cruise ship cabaret show. He went on to become a suddenly incredibly confident finalist, but fans and fellow contestants came to loathe him, and he eventually quit the show. Whatever, in my mind, this audition is all that exists.)

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