We finally go to hear those six beautiful words: "Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead..."

And thank god because I was starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. (I even started to show signs of becoming a zombie!)


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First of all, I am so glad to hear that our old Rick is back and ready to step up to the plate against Negan. Their plan to go into the Saviors' camp and take them by surprise definitely worked to their benefit. Because how much can Negan do with dozens of bullets flying in his direction and hundreds of walkers trying to eat him?

Most of you may not agree with me on this one, but I love the fact that Rick promised Maggie that he will step down and follow her lead after this one last fight to defeat Negan. Rick has become consumed with his need for revenge against Negan and may need a break from leading the group. Had the priest not intervened Rick from trying to kill him while walkers swarmed the area, the ending of this premiere could have been very different.

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Now speaking of the priest, I have given this guy chance after chance to make his way back into my good graces and I am done giving him the time of day. The plan would have worked perfectly had he not gone along. The Saviors' camp would have been destroyed and Negan would have been held up in a trailer surrounded by hundreds of starving walkers.

But NOOOO.... Father Gabriel just had to save the Hilltop leader who had just backstabbed them moments before. And shocker, he ended up leaving the priest stranded.

And now, it is Gabriel and Negan alone in the trailer giving the spikey bat owner the one thing that he knows how to use to his advantage: leverage. Whether or not we all hate him, Rick and the group are not the type to leave one of their own for dead without at least trying to save him.

So great job Gabriel, the plan could have worked had you not veered off path.

So now, the fight is so far from over and I have no idea what to expect for next week's episode.

Tune in Sundays at 9 PM on AMC for new episodes of The Walking Dead!

P.S. Rick is still pretty darn handsome even as a grandpa.

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