We have some hometown pride going on!  There is a local Manasquan singer on American Idol's kickoff show on Sunday, February 27th and his singing is as beautiful and his heart.

If you haven't heard Cole Hallman do his thing yet, you have to get on his Tik Tok asap!  Cole's talent is one thing, but his relationship with his sister, Katie, is everything. Katie has a form of Autism and her joyful personality will warm your heart.  She inspires so much of Cole's songwriting and performing.  This is a moment on stage when he and his band decided to celebrate Katie's birthday.


I have to confess something, I watched this next video with Lou and I started crying!  It touched my heart because, yes, Cole can sing like an angel but what got tears to fill my eyes was the way his sister, Katie, looks at her brother when he is singing. She looks at him like he is her superhero and the way Cole is singing for her tells us everything we need to know about him too.  If you need to feel good today (and we all do) watch this video more than once.

The first four American Idol shows are the 1st round tryouts from multiple locations. Then next 4 shows are Hollywood weeks and then the final shows will be over 3 weeks.

Cole will have a great local support system from his family.  Cole's Dad, David, is Superintendent of Schools in Belmar and his Mom, Nicolle, is a 3rd grade teacher in Howell. His sister Katie, recently graduated from Manasquan High School so we know all those co-workers and students will be cheering him on and we will too!

We're going to have Cole on the Jersey Shore Morning Show to talk with us next week!  We can't wait to have him on and maybe hear some singing!

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