Starbucks unveiled their take on the unicorn food trend with the oh-so-magical-looking Unicorn Frappuccino.

Naturally, I had to give it a try. Here's the deal:

Fun fact: Starbucks doesn't only sell coffee drinks, and this drink contains no coffee at all.

It's a creme Frappuccino base, which can best be described as similar to a thin vanilla milkshake? They mix that up with mango syrup, "pink powder" (food coloring), swirl in a blue drizzle (white chocolate mocha sauce mixed with a sour blue powder), then top it all with whipped cream and more of the pink and sour blue powder.

Like all the other unicorn foods, it's meant to be pretty and photographed. Yayyyy swirly colors!

I channeled my inner 14-year-old girl and exchanged my dignity for my very own Unicorn Frap.

Special thanks to the barista at the Red Bank Starbucks who didn't openly condemn me for ordering this, but simply handed it over with a face that can only be described as disappointment with a touch of disgust and shame. (Don't worry lady, I was thinking the same in my head.)

It tastes ambiguously fruity, though creamy at the same time, with just a hint of sour candy when your straw hits the blue drizzle. (I 100% do NOT recommend taking a lick of the whipped cream with the sour powder on top, as sour candy and whipped cream make for a decidedly unappetizing combo.)

Unicorn Frappuccino powder
The powdered whipped creams LOOKS totally lickable, but it's a trap! A creamy, sour trap! (Laurie Cataldo)

The flavor that comes through the most is just straight up sugar. In fact, it was so overwhelmingly sweet that I only wound up finishing about half of the grande (medium/16 oz.) size drink.

I probably wouldn't order it again, but it certainly added a little magic to my afternoon!

The Unicorn Frappuccino will set you back about $5 and change for a Grande, and is available through Sunday, April 23rd.

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