Rook Coffee has achieved a cult-like following in Monmouth County, and you can totally count me in as a devotee.

Some of the Rook team came for a visit today and brought a fabulous surprise: a new flavored cold brew!

(Let's not talk about how many times I say the word 'super' in that video, kthx.)

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with Rook's New Orleans-style cold brew. This is not just any iced coffee. It's made with chicory, and it's fantastic. It legit just makes me happy, and I really believe it has magical powers.

Well, Rook is stepping their cold brew game up with a new limited edition flavor: mint mocha-style cold brew!

Rook Coffee mocha mint cold brew
Rook Coffee mocha mint-style cold brew. (Townsquare Media)

Think coffee with a hint of mint chip ice cream (or your favorite Girl Scout Cookie.)

If you're looking for a super sugary flavor bomb, this is not it. What I love about Rook is that it's really all about the coffee, and this stays true to that. It's perfectly made iced coffee with subtle flavors of mint and chocolate. It's...perfect.

They recommend ordering it latte-style with whole milk or soy milk, either of which will give it a creamy mouthfeel that really seems to bring out the flavor. I like my coffee unsweetened, but they also suggest adding a touch of simple syrup to pump up that minty chocolate taste. You can order it without milk, with a lot of things, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

The mocha mint-style is a very limited run, and will be available in all ten Rook locations starting Wednesday, April 12th, but once they run out, it's gone. (And trust me, the limited edition stuff goes quick!)

Even better, Rook is working on a series of these flavored cold brews to be released throughout the spring and summer. They have a couple in the works, but they are also taking flavor suggestions!

Vote for your favorite, and you never know, it just might happen.

Thanks to the entire Rook team for popping by today! Best. Tuesday. Ever.

Rook Coffee is open daily from 6a-5p, with stores in Long Branch, Oakhurst, Wall, Little Silver, Red Bank, Holmdel, Colts Neck, and Manalapan. Get the full list of stores and more info at

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