There's always been a bit of a running joke about Starbucks coffee...people say that consumers pay $5 a cup for the same brew that costs $1 down the street.

In reality, Starbucks regular brewed coffee is about $2 for a grande (medium) size. Until now.

They have debuted Costa Rica Finca Palmilera from their 'reserve' line which costs $40 for a half pound of beans, or $7 for a grande (16 oz.) cup.

What makes it so pricey? It's made from a rare variety of coffee bean from Central America known as Geisha.

So can the average person tell the difference?

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel put it to the test...(hilarity ensues.)

As a former Sbux employee, I have been known to snob out on reserve blends from time to time, but let's be serious, if you're guzzling down your daily caffeine fix with milk and sugar, you don't need the fancy brew.

If you're set on plunking down $7 for this cup of not-so-average joe, drink it black...(and prepare to buy a plane ticket, as it's only available in stores in the Northwest that have those awesomely fancy Clover machines.)

What's the most you'd spend for coffee? Tell us in the comment section below!

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