You know who you are.

Listen....I am a 29 year old woman who is single and not ready for kids.

I am, however, more than ready for this beautiful, 4-legged furry creature you see pictured below.


She is my baby. She is my child. And isn't she the cutest child that ever lived on this earth?!

And I am saying "poo, poo" to anyone who judges me for saying that.

It always used to drive my friend, Chris, crazy when I would say this phrase in front of him.

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He has two small kids and god bless his heart because he must never sleep.

His response was: "How on earth is it the same?! I change diapers and you take her outside!"

Here's why:

I come home and I am responsible for loving her, for caring for her, for feeding her, for taking her outside for bathroom trips, for cleaning her, for petting her, for giving her belly rubs, for taking her to the vet, for giving her medicine and I am sure I could come up with more for this list if you double dog dared me to.

Oh....and she also gives me attitude like I am her parent. You should have seen the side eye I got when I told her she couldn't have her entire bone in one sitting. I was the devil.

I really don't know where I would be without my dog and if it really bothers you that much that I call her my child, go and have a kid of your own.

Plus, why do you care?

Does it affect your life in anyway? I think not.

I know a lot of other people who call their dogs, their cats, their bunnies, their ferrets and more their child.

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You don't have to love it. But you do have to respect it.

So yes: this little mushy, sassy, snuggly, loving, loyal creature is my child.

And I could not be more proud to say so.

So if you have a furry child, congrats on successfully caring for another living thing.

Now go give them a treat!

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