Calling me a ‘Bravoholic’ would be an understatement. Bravo is on my TV 24/7. I can pair any Real Housewives tagline with the woman who said it – and tell you what season it was from. So, when I found out I was getting tickets to see Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Live in Atlantic City, you could say I was pretty excited.

My excitement quadrupled on my 25th birthday when I found out that my show tickets were actually VIP Meet and Greet passes. You can watch that play out in the video below:

Fast forward 3 months later, the big night was here! I donned my jumpsuit that I bought specifically for the event (because we all know Andy Cohen loves a good jumpsuit) and saw my stylist to get my hair blown out Erika Jayne style.

The entire day I was wondering what kind of cool stories the pair would tell. Would Anderson tell us what it was really like to hear Kellyanne Conway talk about Alternative Facts? Would Andy tell us which housewife he hates? Would he bring the bunny Kim Richards gave back to Lisa Rinna at the Beverly Housewives reunion?!?!

I walked into the Borgata Events Center (ps: fellow Bravo fans would know this was even more special because the season 2 Real Housewives of NJ reunion was filmed at this hotel!), got a white zinf from the bar (because I had a feeling a Watch What Happens Live drinking game was about to happen) and took my seat. I was 5 rows away from two of my favorite humans!

Andy and Anderson took the stage, and they were exactly how they are on TV. Their personalities complement one another - Andy is attention loving, pop culture obsessed, and sassy! Anderson is definitely more reserved, sensible, and political (although at one point Andy argued that pop culture and politics seem to be morphing into one). If you’ve read any of Andy’s books, some of the stories he told were familiar, but it was very cool to hear him share them in person. PS: we were told to drink whenever Andy named dropped a celeb. I was glad I bought that wine…

The two shared stories and video clips from their personal lives, including scenes from Housewives Reunions, news packages, and family moments. At one point, Anderson brought up the Beverly Hills Bunny…and Andy reached behind the table onstage and brought it out!!! I HAD to steal a picture! (Pictures were allowed, I was trying to keep my phone away…up until this very important point). Check it out:

Andy Cohen bring out the bunny (photo by Diana Marie)
Andy Cohen bring out the bunny (photo by Diana Marie)

Here are some important facts I learned during the show:

  1. Do not bring up Gloria Vanderbilt within 30 seconds of meeting Anderson Cooper (Just so we’re clear, I did not do this, he stated this in a story he told)
  2. Andy wears an ADIDAS tracksuit on flights as tribute to Missy Elliot
  3. The guys like to drink Fresquilas (Fresca and Tequila) when performing
  4. If Andy had to place Trump in any housewives franchise, it’d be New York
  5. When Anderson briefly met Wynonna Judd, all she said to him was ‘some days you just gotta put on your armor.’

Then it was FINALLY time to meet them! After waiting on line for what seemed like forever, Anderson walked out and greeted me. He shook my hand and asked my name. He was super nice! At this point, I heard ‘I LOVE YOUR JUMPSUIT’ from behind Anderson. I could not believe it. All along I was hoping Andy would say that, and he did! I gave a little excited spin, to which Anderson applauded and said ‘bravo,’ and we posed for a picture. Before I left them, I was sure to tell them how much I look up to both of them as an aspiring broadcaster. They were very appreciative.

This was a perfect night. I can’t thank my parents enough for this opportunity. I will never ever forget it for as long as I live. Here’s the picture from the meet and greet (which is now my phone wallpaper and Facebook cover photo.)

Photo by Diana Marie
Photo by Diana Marie

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