Heads up if you're traveling the Garden State Parkway in Monmouth County, as two exits change numbers.

Or should I say letters? Names? Don't worry, confusion is par for the course with these changes.

GSP Exit 100
Google Maps Street View

Southbound exit 100A, for Rt. 33 west, is now exit 100B. Southbound exit 100B, for Rt. 33 east is now exit 100A.

Northbound, exit 100 for Rt. 33 east is now exit 100A. Exit 100A for Rt. 66 east is now exit 100B. Exit 100B for Rt. 33 west is now exit 100C. Got it?

There are yellow signs posted to alert drivers of the changes, but you'll want to be aware of it if you're heading to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls or if you use the Parkway to get to Asbury Park/Neptune/Bradley Beach or even Freehold.

The exit changes are done to comply with the Federal Highway Administration's 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices so that highway signs and exits nationwide would be standardized.

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