Every time we have a warmer day than normal, we wonder if it's going to be the last one before December reality sets in.

Well, according to accuweather.com, late this week into the weekend, near record warm temperatures are expected through the Northeast. So, what does that mean for us here at the Jersey Shore?

Here's what our meteorologist Dan Zarrow has to say...

"Even though today will end up a bit cooler than yesterday, the Jersey Shore will begin a nice warming trend through the rest of the week. Lower 50s today and Wednesday... Mid 50s on Thursday... Upper 50s on Friday... And lower 60s a good bet for the weekend! Record highs for Monmouth county are around 70 degrees this weekend, but we'll still be about 15+ degrees above normal for early December. So far every single day of December has been above normal at Newark Airport".

No matter how long it stays warm, every day is a little bite out of winter (even though it hasn't even gotten here yet) and it's one day closer to spring. Get Dan Zarrow's updated forecast anytime.

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