Our latest Monmouth County trivia question asked you to name a town from a clue that was just one sentence long.

It's time to see how well you know our area. I will tell you that lots of people got this one right. Let's see how you did. Here's the one sentence clue we gave yesterday in case you missed it.

“Atlantic Township’s first town meeting took place in 1847 at Samuel Laird’s hotel”

Here's how the clue broke down. Atlantic Township was the name this town used to be known as. And as soon as you hear Laird, you think Applejack, and we all know where that distillery was, right?
If you put all the clues together, you can understand how many people knew the Monmouth County town we're talking about is beautiful Colts Neck!
You can get some great Colts Neck history info here, and thanks for playing!


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